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6 steps to successfully postpone your wedding

Have you decided to postpone your wedding because of the Corona Virus? We give you 6 practical steps so you don't miss anything important in these confusing times.

1. Win some time

You just made the difficult decision that you have to / want to postpone your wedding date. Now it's important to win time, especially with your guests. You first have some work to do (step 2 to 4) before you can announce the new date to your guests. However, they are all worried and need some information so send an e-mail, make a whatsapp group, find a way to let your guests know that you are on top of things and looking at other options but that there is no need to worry or start changing plans (yet).

2. Find 3 possible dates

Contact your VIP-Guests. VIP-Guests are these guests that absolutely have to be present at your wedding. Find three possible date options that work for everyone. Keep these dates between you and your VIP-Guests.

3. Choose your new date with your vendors

Contact your most important vendors (those are probably the venue and the catering) and choose one of the three dates. If it's important to you that the photographer, DJ, florist or any other vendor is also available on that specific date, make sure to contact them right away before agreeing on a date with your venue.

In this step, it is important to double check your contracts and to negociate with the venue and catering in case they are asking for a higher price. Normally, postponing is not a problem but if you postpone to next year, they might want to raise their prices.

4. Confirm all vendors/find new vendors

Once you have agreed on a date with your most important vendors and the VIP-Guests, the wedding planning process starts from zero again. Contact all your vendors (photographer, hair stylist, make-up artist, florist, videographer, the band, the DJ, the ice-cream truck, the photobooth, the rental company, your hotel, etc). Not all vendors might be available for your new date: see this as an opportunity. Maybe you were not 100% convinced with the DJ and now you have an excuse to find a new one. Remember that things happen for a reason, and make the best out of it.

5. Send your "Change the Date"

Now you have your new date, all your vendors, your VIP-guests: it's time to send your 'Change the Date'. You can take the design of your invitations or 'Save the Date' and ajust it. Don't worry about sending these out by post. Send a PDF by e-mail or a nice but short message to your guests, that is perfectly fine!

Depending on how far away your initial wedding date was, ask your guests to be patient about their travelplans. Guests that have to fly to your location, might not be able to cancel or re-book their flights right away. Airlines are overwhelmed and change their policies every month. It's also easier to contact the Airlines directly because sometimes not all the information can be found online. It is wise to tell your guests that they can contact you in case they have questions and that you are more than happy to help them in these difficult times. Remember that changing the date is also about making sure your guests are safe and healthy.

6. Details

Make a to-do list of everything that needs to be done before your wedding day. Do you still need to buy dancing shoes? Have you written your vows? Now is the time to do all those things that you thought you did not have time to do. Maybe you can learn some new dancing steps to impress everyone on the dance floor? Or you can write a poem for your significant other?

It's also nice to think of a way of how you will spend your day of your initial wedding date! Maybe a cosy movie night? Or a game night with a nice glass of wine? Think of a way to make that day special and don't forget: you will get married. Maybe on a different date, with a different florist, or even a different place: but you will marry your best friend!



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