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3 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

3 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner


I often hear that wedding planners are 'just an extra cost' and that it can 'ruin your budget'. Nothing is more untrue than that! Let me give you some concrete examples of why that assumption is wrong:

Depending on the wedding and the kind of help you need, the costs for hiring a wedding planner can vary between 1000€ and 4000€. That is, indeed, a significant cost, which you have to take into account in your budget. However, as a professional in the wedding industry, your wedding planner will ALWAYS get better offers than you will. Why? Because you are not a recurring client to a venue or a caterer, however your wedding planner is. So the florist or the photographer are more than happy to give a discount, hoping that the wedding planner will book them again. Moreover, if you have an experienced wedding planner, they will always know how to negotiate prices for you, but they also know the tips and tricks on where to easily save money, without compromising the beauty or quality of your wedding!

See below a very simple sum on how much money you save when hiring a wedding planner:

Disclaimer: the prices are an indication, based on my experience as a wedding planner in Europe. Depending on your location, your wishes, your program, prices may vary.

As you can see in this example, "hiring a wedding planner can save you more than 1000€" on your total budget! And this example shows a worst-case scenario, in my experience, couples always save at least the same amount on what they spent on my services. Hence if the wedding planner costs 3000€, the couple will save at least 3000€ on other services/vendors.


Have you ever talked to your friend or your cousin who got married? Do they also complain about the amount of work it is? How stressful it is to think about every little detail? To find a location, compare prices, etc... I hear brides and grooms complain about the hard work all the time!

Planning a wedding is a full-time job! If you are working, you're trying to maintain a relationship, a household and a social life, you most probably will get burnt out from all the extra work.

Planning a wedding can also be a real drain on your relationship! While you should be enjoying this time and looking forward to the day of, many couples just 'want to get over it' after some months of planning because it is so tiring.

Next to saving money, the stress-free planning is maybe the most important point on why you should hire a wedding planner. The wedding planner does all the hard work for you: scout for a venue, contact florists, photographers, officiants, etc. The wedding planner then compares prices for you, and all you have to do is choose! You actually get to do the fun work! Doesn't that sound ideal?

When hiring a wedding planner, you don't have to worry about a checklist or about forgetting things. I take care of that for my couples, and I make sure they always know what I am working on and I involve them in every way I can, without them feeling stresses! It's the best of both worlds :-)


Your wedding planner is a professional in the wedding industry. Not only does she or he know all the insider information, your wedding planner also knows which vendors are the best for your wedding. Your wedding planner takes care of your budget and makes sure you keep it under control. Your wedding planner knows exactly how you feel and is always there for you when you have questions or doubts!

On the day of your wedding, your wedding planner acts as the Wedding Manager! He or she is responsible to coordinate all the vendors and will direct each of them to the right location at the right time. Many people ask their friends or a family member to 'coordinate' their wedding day, but these people don't have the experience your wedding planner has! As a wedding planner, I always have an emergency kit with me, which includes everything from scissors, to cleaning material, energy bars, pain killers and bandages. Sometimes I even bring a back-up wedding dress or a special product to get stains out of a suit!

A professional thinks of every little detail to ensure a smooth day for you and your spouse!

Still not sure about hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator? Send me an e-mail at to know more!


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