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3 Things to consider before hiring your wedding photographer

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

When hiring your wedding photographer, you want to make sure you choose the right fit for you and your wedding!

There are many wedding vendors that you need to hire for your big day (florist, catering, DJ, etc) but there's one particular vendor that is extremely important for your wedding: the wedding photographer!

Why? Because he or she will be with your for (most probably) the whole day. The photographer captures intimate moments from getting ready, to the first look, to sharing your vows and dancing with your loved ones. The photographer tries to freeze your emotions in a picture, so that you and your spouse can cherish these memories forever!

Before hiring a photographer, there's a couple of things you should consider:

  1. The 'click' between you and the photographer

  2. Having an engagement or a pre-wedding shoot

  3. The photographer's experience

Let me go more into detail:

1. There are many ways to find a wedding photographer: through social media or google, recommendation of friends, a list of photographers to choose from your wedding venue or wedding planner. However, it's extremely important that you meet with the photographer at least through video call, if not in person. That way, you can feel right away if there is a 'click' between you and them and whether you feel comfortable! That first meeting should always be free and the photographer should ask you questions about your wedding day schedule, your expectations, etc. This is also the time where you can ask important questions to them. In my blog 'Questions to ask your photographer', you can read more about which questions you should ask before hiring the photographer. Click here to read the blog.

I work closely with wedding photographer Natalia Pawlak who follows this process and is happy to answer all your questions. Check out her website here.

2. Some photographers offer an engagement or pre-wedding shoot in their wedding photography package. Take that offer! Even if you think you would feel awkward doing a shoot like that, it's a good practice for the wedding day. Also, you will feel more comfortable in front of the photographer's lens and you will have amazing pictures to put on your wedding invites or wedding website!

3. One very important point to consider is the photographer's experience: I never recommend couples to hire a hobby photographer, a design photographer, or a friend 'who likes to take pictures'. That always backfires. Why? Because photographing a wedding is not the same thing as photographing cars, or animals, or food, or models. Wedding photography is an art itself and it should be mastered. So make sure to go on the photographer's website or Instagram to see if they have examples of weddings they have shot before!

If you have any questions about photography or wedding planning in general, send me an e-mail to



All pictures of this post were taken by Natalia Pawlak from Create Memories.

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